Product Photography

Lightbox Photography.

This style of Product Photography includes the use of a light box to produce even white lighting around an object. Similarly, shooting against white banner paper with appropriate lighting strives to achieve the same effect.

LG Watch Urbane


This method is used to produce similar results to the previous style of photography. An object is photographed against a surface or in an area that is not white. Using editing techniques, the object is removed from the environment and placed against a different background, often white, or other shades of grey.

LG Nexus 4


This type of Product Photography is intended to portray the object in a native environment although it is staged. The object may be fixed on a surface, on a person, or standing alone, in a way that seems natural. An example of this would be a phone placed on a desk or a watch on someone’s wrist.

Press Event and Product Photography.

Press Event Photography is a different breed of photography. In this situation we produce marketing material, not lifetime memories. Therefore, post production must be kept to a minimum. It is not unusual to deliver the digital files within hours of the event. The goal is to capture the best framed photo with a fast lens, with the least amount of post-edits.

Asus Press Event NYC, 2015